First blog post

I have been contemplating sharing a journey for a while. And I wondered…what journey am I sharing and why?

I am a mom to a one-year-old strong willed, confident, sassy, beautiful little girl.
That is a journey!
I have been a wife now for 3 years to a hard-working, fun, kind, motorsports-loving man. That is a journey!
I have been a nurse for almost 2 years now.
That is definitely a journey!
We bought our first home a little over a year ago.
Journey for sure!
Most recently I am an independent health coach that is working on my own fitness too.
Another big journey!

I. Love. Food.
I love music.
I like to travel.
I love my family
I can’t stand being away from my family.
I have anxiety.
I love being a mom and a wife
I like to laugh and make others laugh.
I believe in God the Father, creator of Heaven and earth.
I love animals (thank goodness my husband saved me just in time from becoming a crazy cat lady! He only lets me have one dog)
I enjoy adventures, but it is a struggle to take the first step.
I am independent and I like alone time too.
My love language is touch. (I do hug strangers)
I want to help others.
The future really does freak me out! 🎶

With all this being said, some of it may seem a little contradictory. And so is most of life. I may be known for enjoying a little too much excitement. I mean, who starts nursing school while planning a wedding, then gets pregnant, but finishes nursing school, takes AND passes boards, and lands a job all before said baby joins our family?
My entire life has been a roller coaster of a journey. Unfortunately for myself and many that I know, I lacked a handbook or even a book of tips for all the craziness.

I am sharing a bit of all of my journeys wrapped into one. You may find a new recipe on here, or an update on my health and fitness-
Or a prayer
Or an inspirational quote/lyrics
Or a lesson in growing tomatoes
Or a fun new craft
Or a workout
Or a tip on being frugal – I am part Dutch ☺️
Or a few why? Moments (I will try to keep those to a minimum)

This is my journey called life.
I want to share it to help others realize they’re not as crazy as they seem, and they’re definitely not alone.
I want to inspire you.
I want to give you a laugh – or a cry.
I want to add a little sparkle to your day.
And if anyone chooses, I’d love a little help in my journey too. (Keep in mind I take any advice or input with a grain of salt – but I want to hear it!

Welcome to the craziness!


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